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Direct Anterior Composites: Non-invasive Biomimetic Aesthetic Dentistry

Nowadays, dentistry tends towards minimal dental preparation. This trend is even more pronounced when it comes to aesthetic treatment. Patients request for aesthetic treatments without any dental preparation. One of the most conservative ways to solve this situations is with direct composite resins, what permits enheancing the patient’s smile in a non-invasive approach but, to master direct composites is a challenging process that requires training and experience.

Biomimetic dentistry calls for to focus on details in order to replicate nature, not only in optical considerations, but also in the funtion of the natural teeth. Consequently, a posible definition of biomimetic dentistry could be: The recovery of the natural teeth anatomy in a minimally invasive approach, protecting the remnant tooth structure in order to reproduce natural aesthetics and function.

To perform a meticulous case planning and a working protocol is essential for obtaining perdictable results and long-lasting treatments. An acurate planification will lead to achieve excellence in a direct anterior composites approach.

This course is designed with the purpouse to show how to accomplish natural-like aesthetic results and long-lasting treatments on the anterior teeth area, describing the key points for obtaining excellence in anterior composites through a biomimetic and non-invasive approach.


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